Tuesday, February 20, 2007

RMIM Puraskaar

For long, we the listeners, the consumers, the connoisseurs, the people have been constantly frustrated by the music awards given by the Filmfares and the Screens of the world. Lack of objectivity, poor selection method, arbitrary shortlisting, lower focus on music awards, and a total failure to balance popular appeal and quality of soundtracks have been some of the regular "features" of these awards.

It's time we had a way to recognize the better efforts, the creativity, the innovation, without being unduly influenced or pressured by market forces or popularity of soundtracks. It's time we had our own awards. Besides, when every Ram, Shyam, and Ghanshyam is handing out awards like rewa.Diis, there's no reason why a die-hard HFM (Hindi Film Music) listening community that spends so much time filling discussion forums on the net with its raves and rants, thoughts and opinions about the music, should not get to honor something that it likes, even if only in pixels (i.e. no real rewa.Diis).

In the past, there have been several discussions and attempts on RMIM (newsgroup rec.music.indian.misc) to introduce such a thing. But for one reason or another, the idea never really left the threads of the newsgroup. This is an attempt to bring it to reality.

Presented, hereby, are RMIM puraskaar for year 2006.

To send your entry, just visit the submission site at the URL given below. All you need to know for submission is supposed to be on the site. Please read every word carefully including the ones that appear on the hover of your mouse, in balloon boxes. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask them here or at RMIM.

The awards are open like RMIM and everyone on the net can vote. You just need a name and a valid email id. It would help if the name you use is the same as the one used at RMIM or another music forum on the net. Any dubious-looking entries will not be considered.

If you have modifications to your entry, simply send it again, using the same name and email id. Only your last entry will be considered valid.

The tentative last date for submission is March 3, 2007.

Finally, thanks to Asif Alvi, Afzal Khan, Ketan Dholakia, Ritu Chandra, Satish Kalra and U V Ravindra for their inputs, encouragement, and beta testing.

Here's the URL:


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