Friday, June 05, 2009

SurveykshaN 11 on Anil Biswas: Announcement

After covering Laxmi-Pyare in the previous SurveykshaN, let's go back a little back in time for the next - the 11th - in the series. Our composer for this SurveykshaN is Anil Biswas.

Those who have participated in previous SurveykshaNs can skip the rest of the message and head directly to the Survey page to submit their entry.

To those who are new to SurveykshaNs, here's a short introduction. The idea of the exercise is to come up with a list of most popular Desert Island Soundtracks of the composer(s) in question. As a participant you have to select scores that you would like to take along on a long trip to some imaginary deserted island. In other words, you are supposed to select scores that appeal to you for their repeat value and solitary listening pleasure among other things.

The list of all film scores composed by Anil Biswas is provided on the survey page to select from. In addition, link to a document containing all songs composed by him is also available on the page (Thanks to 'the Bible' i.e. Geet Kosh for the data and RMIMers Balaji, Ketan, and Vinayak for extracting and digitizing the Anil Biswas list).

Note that many of the films had compositions by other music directors too, as can be seen from the song-list document. Please consider those albums only for the songs composed by Anil Biswas.

You can choose up to 15 scores. There's no lower limit. In addition to the albums, you can also select up to 15 songs from films that are NOT in your selected albums list. Just think of it as a one-cassette/CD compilation of songs from those albums that you wouldn't want in totality, or those that are not in your top 15.

There are no changes in the interface and the format since the previous SurveykshaN. If it is your first time, just make sure you read the brief instructions on the survey page. There's not much to go wrong anyway.

The poll page is self-explanatory. Apart from your selections, you need to provide your name and email address. Also, please provide your overall rating of Anil Biswas's music. When you submit your entry, you will see a confirmation page with a list of the movies and songs selected by you. Please save the list for your records.

You can search giitaayan for lyrics and for audio of songs directly from the survey page; just select the movie name and click on the respective site's icon.

The survey will be open at least up to Saturday, June 20th, 2009. It may then be extended further based on responses, requests, and other considerations. You can submit your entry more than once using the same name and email ID. Only the last submitted entry will be considered valid. Please use your popular name/alias and a valid email ID. The results of the survey will be posted here soon after its

Here is the survey URL: