Friday, January 02, 2009

RMIM Puraskaar 2008 nominations are open

It's that time of the year again. Let's find out what worthwhile music came out of 2008. To start, point your browsers to the Puraskaar home and nominate your favorite songs of the year.

If you participated last year, the process has changed somewhat. Instead of selecting albums, you are now supposed to let us know your favorite songs. Of course you may still choose every single song of an album. But number of selected songs cannot be more than 30.

The nomination page mentions everything you need to know. Please read everything carefully and select your albums judiciously before you hit the submit button. If you have modifications to your entry, simply submit a new one using the same name and email id. Only your last received entry will be considered valid.

The nomination process will remain open at least until mid-January.

So revisit the year (see a list of released movies), note what you liked and submit your entry. And please spread the word too; the more nominations, the better.

* Last year's puraskRRits/ पिछले साल पुरस्कृत कलाकार
* History (and the reasons) of the Puraskaar