Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nominations for RMIM Puraskaar 2009 are open

The nomination process for year 2009's Puraskaars has started.

Please visit the Puraskaar page and submit your favorite songs of the year. The nominations will be open for about three weeks.

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

giitaayan main lyrics database is now current

All songs submitted up to August 31st, which so far were showing up on Recently Posted Songs page, have been included in the main lyrics database. They can now be found by the regular giitaayan search.

A total of 373 songs, submitted, reviewed and posted during a period of previous three years were moved in this process. This brings the total number of songs in giitaayan to over 10800.

Friday, June 05, 2009

SurveykshaN 11 on Anil Biswas: Announcement

After covering Laxmi-Pyare in the previous SurveykshaN, let's go back a little back in time for the next - the 11th - in the series. Our composer for this SurveykshaN is Anil Biswas.

Those who have participated in previous SurveykshaNs can skip the rest of the message and head directly to the Survey page to submit their entry.

To those who are new to SurveykshaNs, here's a short introduction. The idea of the exercise is to come up with a list of most popular Desert Island Soundtracks of the composer(s) in question. As a participant you have to select scores that you would like to take along on a long trip to some imaginary deserted island. In other words, you are supposed to select scores that appeal to you for their repeat value and solitary listening pleasure among other things.

The list of all film scores composed by Anil Biswas is provided on the survey page to select from. In addition, link to a document containing all songs composed by him is also available on the page (Thanks to 'the Bible' i.e. Geet Kosh for the data and RMIMers Balaji, Ketan, and Vinayak for extracting and digitizing the Anil Biswas list).

Note that many of the films had compositions by other music directors too, as can be seen from the song-list document. Please consider those albums only for the songs composed by Anil Biswas.

You can choose up to 15 scores. There's no lower limit. In addition to the albums, you can also select up to 15 songs from films that are NOT in your selected albums list. Just think of it as a one-cassette/CD compilation of songs from those albums that you wouldn't want in totality, or those that are not in your top 15.

There are no changes in the interface and the format since the previous SurveykshaN. If it is your first time, just make sure you read the brief instructions on the survey page. There's not much to go wrong anyway.

The poll page is self-explanatory. Apart from your selections, you need to provide your name and email address. Also, please provide your overall rating of Anil Biswas's music. When you submit your entry, you will see a confirmation page with a list of the movies and songs selected by you. Please save the list for your records.

You can search giitaayan for lyrics and Phulki.com for audio of songs directly from the survey page; just select the movie name and click on the respective site's icon.

The survey will be open at least up to Saturday, June 20th, 2009. It may then be extended further based on responses, requests, and other considerations. You can submit your entry more than once using the same name and email ID. Only the last submitted entry will be considered valid. Please use your popular name/alias and a valid email ID. The results of the survey will be posted here soon after its

Here is the survey URL:

Sunday, February 22, 2009

RMIM Puraskaar 2008 results announced

RMIM Puraskaar results for year 2008 are now out.

'Rock On' is adjudged the "Album of the Year". The "Song of the Year" is 'kabhii kabhii aditi' from 'Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Na'. For other puraskaars and a complete list of ranked songs, visit the Puraskaar site (http://awards.giitaayan.com/) and find out other worthy albums, songs, and artists of the year.

The "Satish Kalra Sammaan" was not conferred on any album this year. As you may know, it is a benchmark honour and is given only when an album is considered all-time great. Unfortunately no album this year deserved it.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the process and made this happen. I especially thank the jury members - Aditya, Abhay, Ajay, Chetan, Ketan, Manish, Manisha, Megha, Ramanand, Sanjeev, Subrat, and Yunus - for a rather smooth and enjoyable exercise for me. I hope it was the same for them.

Follow the links below to see the results. Feel free to be happy or raise issues with them. If there are any corrections to the P-stats please let me know.

* Results in English
* परिणाम, हिंदी में

Friday, January 02, 2009

RMIM Puraskaar 2008 nominations are open

It's that time of the year again. Let's find out what worthwhile music came out of 2008. To start, point your browsers to the Puraskaar home and nominate your favorite songs of the year.

If you participated last year, the process has changed somewhat. Instead of selecting albums, you are now supposed to let us know your favorite songs. Of course you may still choose every single song of an album. But number of selected songs cannot be more than 30.

The nomination page mentions everything you need to know. Please read everything carefully and select your albums judiciously before you hit the submit button. If you have modifications to your entry, simply submit a new one using the same name and email id. Only your last received entry will be considered valid.

The nomination process will remain open at least until mid-January.

So revisit the year (see a list of released movies), note what you liked and submit your entry. And please spread the word too; the more nominations, the better.

* Last year's puraskRRits/ पिछले साल पुरस्कृत कलाकार
* History (and the reasons) of the Puraskaar